What is Strength Consortium?

Strength Consortium is a gym and fitness business owned and managed democratically by the trainers as a group, based on equal ownership and decision-making. Our mission is to empower our members and enrich their lives through well-designed strength, fitness, and nutrition coaching in an inclusive and supportive community. We aim to achieve this through structured and progressive fitness coaching with an emphasis on sound principles of effective strength training, and nutrition strategies fit to the individual.

Our goal is to help people achieve basic to advanced strength goals — from improving their quality of life to boosting sports performance — through structured, principled, and scientific methods administered by an experienced staff.

While our staff has particular expertise in the field of strength training, we help people of all walks of life with achieving the vast majority fitness goals they may seek to achieve.

We are a worker-cooperative, which means that each person on our staff is both a worker and an owner, or is at least in the process of becoming one, and our decisions are made on the basis of one person, one vote. This also means that we subscribe to the Cooperative Identity, Values, and the 7 Cooperative Principles, which you can learn more about here.

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