Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Is it the same one you made last year, and the year before?

A resolution is one thing; a revolution is another. A resolution is a vague promise; a revolution is a fundamental shift. Resolutions materialize suddenly at the beginning of each new year and evaporate almost as quickly. A revolution happens rarely, but endures. 

This year is different. It’s time for revolution — in your approach to fitness, and in your concept of a business’s role in society.

Strength Consortium changes the way gyms do business in a fundamental way. In our next post, you will learn about our radically client-centered approach to fitness.  But why is our business revolutionary? One reason: we believe in people over profits. This means we believe in our workers, and we believe in our clients. [What is a Worker Cooperative?] This is our guiding philosophy, and we believe it makes all the difference. Your goals are our goals, and your success is our success.

Sit down with us today, and together we’ll make a fundamental shift in your approach to fitness and nutrition.

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